Search Engine Optimization

The goal of Search Engine Optimization is to help search engines answer one key question: CAN YOUR WEBSITE BE TRUSTED? – Herb Jones

Search engine optimization (SEO) is widely considered the most effective internet marketing tactic for generating new leads and sales. People use Google over one BILLION times a day for searches and ranking well organically should be a major business goal for anyone who’s customer’s are using the web.

Why You Should Partner with Online Potential for SEO

Search Engine Optimization is constantly evolving.  As a matter of fact, Google has rolled out over 25 major algorithm changes already in 2012.  You need a partner that stays on top of changes and understands how they can impact your website’s search ranking.  With Online Potential you’ve got the SEO partner that your business needs.

Our SEO strategy begins with your business objectives and targets your customer base.

Important SEO Ranking Factors Include:

  1. Your website’s content - are the keywords that people are searching for located in your websites page titles, your headers and appropriately on the pages of your website?
  2. Inbound links - Google looks at links to your website from other websites as “votes” for the credibility and authority of your business. How many websites are linking to you? To your competitors?
  3. Social Signals - are people sharing your website content on sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter? Google views these “social signals” as credibility indicators as well.

Sit down with an Online Potential team member

  • Discuss SEO options for your business.
  • Map out what your priorities should be
  • Identify the first steps you need to take

SEO Consultation

Get detailed, step-by-step instruction on how to improve your website’s search engine ranking…great for do-it-yourself types and businesses with limited budgets.

SEO Blueprints and Reports for Gainesville Business Owners

SEO pricing packages built for local and national reaching companies.

At Online Potential, we offer clients three different Search Engine Optimization packages that make it easy to get started with SEO. Online Potential’s goal is for your website to rank well organically for Keyword terms on the services or products you sell. Partner with Online Potential and select a plan that best fits your strategy, goals, and budget:

  • SEO Silver Plan – This plan suits lower competitive markets and helps gain prominence in search rankings, especially for geo-specific keyword terms
  • SEO Gold Plan – Ideal for competitive markets, the SEO Gold Plan is tailored to target several specific keyword terms as well as variations of those terms
  • SEO Platinum Plan – For highly competitive and regional markets, the SEO Platinum plan implements extensive optimization of your website for a wide range of high-traffic, highly competitive keyword terms and their variations.

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  • What keywords you want to be ranking for based on # of searches and competition
  • Where you are currently ranking for those keywords
  • Who your competitors are
  • What you can do immediately to improve your SEO ranking

SEO Questions Heard From Gainesville Business Owners:

Why Do You Need SEO?

If you understand that more and more potential customers are using the internet, then you need your website to generate leads and sales. Your website needs to rank competitively on Google and the other major search engines. SEO should be a cornerstone of your overall marketing strategy as search engines will provide targeted traffic and a great Return on Investment (ROI).

Shouldn’t I Start with PPC?

Some companies jump start their search engine placement with pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns. PPC will give you desired visibility and results, you need to understand that PPC campaigns if not managed properly can be a large expense, rather than being a long-term investment into your website and business. Search engine optimization (SEO) tends to generate higher quality traffic over a longer period of time and play a vital role in your online strategy. Rather than a highly visible short-term campaign, you will begin to reap the rewards of developing a tangible asset, which in turns generates leads and sales for your business. Over time, you will increase your company’s bottom line by improving traffic, online visibility and brand awareness.

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